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our history

Our family and friends may have thought we were mad when we bought this manor house with all its ruined outbuildings, but that was nothing compared to the work we put into the vines.

After researching the history of La Mazeraie, we learned that it was one of the oldest clos de France. Noble Joué, Louis XI's favourite wine, was produced here. Further research revealed that the wine regularly won awards at the Paris agricultural competition for its Malvoisie.

So we decided to replant the vines in 2019. We teamed up with a winegrower, Jérémie Pierru, who was patient enough to teach Alexia the basics. With no preconceived ideas, she experimented and experimented some more, but always with the desire to make good wine without cheating. Her first vintage came out in 2023 and was an instant hit, which encouraged her to continue in this direction.

Since 2024, Alexia has also been growing vines at La Liodière, 500 metres from the manor house, which she will be converting to organic production.

our land

The Domaine de la Mazeraie

The original grape variety (Pinot Gris or Malvoisie) was replanted in 2019 to produce a first vintage in 2023. In 2024, Pinot Noir was replanted with the aim of making a wine for ageing by vinifying it using the Burgundy method. In 2025, Sauvignon Blanc will be replanted using vines selected by massal selection rather than clones, with the aim of achieving excellence.

This exceptional terroir, which dates back several centuries and is predominantly clay-loam, has been farmed organically since the year it was replanted in an agroforestry environment. The soil is worked with a horse to minimise compaction between the rows.

The terroir of La Liodière in Joué-les-Tours

The vines were planted in 2013 on a clay-limestone terroir covering 3 hectares. The grape varieties are pinot meunier (1 hectare 4), pinot gris (1 hectare 1) and pinot noir (0.5 hectares).

Noble Joué rosé is a blend of the 3 grape varieties and accounts for 80 to 90% of production from the Liodière vines. A few rows of pinot noir are vinified as red wine and a blend of pinot noir and pinot meunier (the Champagne grape varieties) is used to produce white wine using the traditional method. Conversion to organic farming began in 2024.

The Borderie terroir at Chambray-les-Tours

In 1977, vines were replanted on this flinty clay terroir of 1 hectare 45, which had always been used for winegrowing until the phylloxera crisis at the end of the 19th century. Located in the Noble Joué appellation, it is made from the 3 Pinot Noir grape varieties (Noir, Meunier and Gris) in the proportions defined in the specifications for rosé production.

In 2024, with the vines already around fifty years old, it was decided in conjunction with the local council, which owns the vines, to replant the 3 Pinot varieties using grafting stock adapted to the changing climate. The aim is also to grow these future vines organically, as with the rest of the estate.

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Sweet white wine

Cuvée Inopiné

Traditional white method

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Noble Joué

Rosé wine

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